Jimi Hendrix is arguably the best rock guitarist of all time. He was also an amazing performer, something which is often overlooked. This site is dedicated to the stage banter Jimi Hendrix would often engage in, making his live performances truly unique.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Like a Rolling Stone (Monterey) Intro

Here's the intro to "Like a Rolling Stone" from Monterey:

Like a Rolling Stone intro mp3

"Yeah dig brother um, it's really out of sight here. It didn't even rain. No buttons to push. And right now I'd like to dedicate this song to everybody here with hearts, any kind of hearts and ears. It goes something like this here."


Blogger Chez T said...

What album is this from:

"Yeah so um like, like um. You know we was invited to this thing man, it was really groovy 'cause uh you know it was 'Hey Joe' that really brought us here so we'd like to try to do it for you, our own way. So it goes something like this."

Johnathan Thompson

9:27 AM


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