Jimi Hendrix is arguably the best rock guitarist of all time. He was also an amazing performer, something which is often overlooked. This site is dedicated to the stage banter Jimi Hendrix would often engage in, making his live performances truly unique.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Man we had so much fun

Here's a great bit after "Hey Joe" from Monterey:

Hey Joe ending mp3

Jimi says:

"Just give us one more second to tune up, alright? You know, it's for you all's benefit. For all of y'all's benefit, you know? Oh man it was so groovy, man, in England, man, these two cats, Bob Dylan's grandmother and Queen Bee over on drums. Man we had so much fun, brother, but we all- [laughs] Yeah this is, this is, Noel Redding on bass anyway nobody that doesn't know us. OK, Noel Redding on bass. And uh we have Mitch Mitchell on drums. So here we go."


Blogger rustafarian said...

so, i just stumbled on this site and it's hilarious. not only could jimi play, but damn he can talk. that's for all yall. i dig it.

4:19 PM

Blogger km said...

Excellent idea for a blog. I just had to link to it :)

Anyone have a good audio clip of the banter before "Machine Gun"?

2:58 PM


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